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As a young boy I recall my father teaching me the importance of our Second Amendment rights. He taught me that a free country can only be free if its citizens are willing to fight for that very freedom. As a measure of strength and responsibility, my father taught me how to safely use and maintain firearms for recreational shooting, hunting, and ultimately for protection of life and property if the need ever arises. These very principles I have enjoyed passing down to my sons.

I believe it is not only a right to bear arms, but it is a responsibility each of us must accept if we wish to secure our God-given freedoms in this nation.

I believe that the Second Amendment should be honored as written by our founding fathers. It is not a document to be changed by political elites to fit their liberal agenda.

I support Constitutional Carry Laws.  I believe that the Second Amendment should be a required study course in the educational system. When people are properly trained and understand their right to defend life and property, crime will decrease, and our communities will be much safer.

I believe a well-armed people is required to defend and support our armed forces. As the military is tasked with defending our nation from enemies, foreign and domestic, We The People need to have their backs. Holding down the fort back home and give them peace knowing we have not left their side.

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  • Category: 2nd Amendment
  • Publish date: March 11, 2022, 4:35 a.m.